The Judgement Factory

(( I’m gonna goggles on people’s blogs just you frickin watch me))

(( I actually used to have a crush on Judgement boy like two years ago but not anymore leave me aLONE ))




When the judgement picked him up, a glint of red caught his attention. Once at eye level, the kitten had one of judgement boy’s scales in his paws, the little heart shining. "Mew… I’m hiding from JC.. he’s being mean to me.. plus… shiny.."


"You’re hiding from him because he’s picking on you, mm? Well…"

"Well if it’s a game we’re playing let’s make it more interesting!You’ll be staying with me for now! I’m no babysitter but there’s a slim chance that lazy child would even consider visiting the judgement factory!”

-rolls into askbox- 83

The judgement boy looks down upon the prepubescent cat.

"Ah, neko zombie… a magic anon ailment, correct?"

A small group of prompters hush around the little thing in a circle, beady red eyes giving curious blinks. Despite the flock of prompters the judgement leans forward and picks up the bitty zombie by his collar. 

"What do you need from me, little one?

(( I’m also in despair over the fact there’s a GHS danganronpa crossover you can ask me why if you’d like but ))

"I'll do my best from now on, I assure you wholeheartedly~" she chimed, blinking at the latter question, clearly worried but nods to JB. "If you want to, JB. I'm up for it."

The bot tilts his head in an almost playful manner.
Always~! There’s nothing more satisfying to me than a successful judgement.”

He allows the word to roll off his tongue in an eccentric growl before laughing as if it were really nothing out of the ordinary. 

Roulette Boy: Hey! Mister Judgment! Hey, HEY! Can we play, you're fun, hehe you're colourful too! So can we play, huh, please?

The bot is in good spirits, smiling at Roulette boy. 
"What’s the matter, Roulette boy? Gregory doesn’t play with you anymore? What a shame.
Judgement boy shakes his head, rubbing his face.
"I would play with you but honestly my luck wasn’t ever very good, you see?~♪”

"Eep!" she jumped, turning her head to the bot. "I didn't mean any harm in coming in here, JB." taking a few breaths to calm herself down as she finished with a long sigh. "If I had spooked any of the prompters, I'll kindly apologize to them, would that be alright?"

"Be sure to be more careful next time, hm?" the bot hums, swinging around the girl carefully and positioning himself in the entrance instead. 

"You’ve come here for a judgement, correct?"

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